I’m a #MyBlackIsBeautiful semi-finalist for the Brand Ambassador Search for Chicago! ◆ If I am selected to be an ambassador, I will be flown out to the Essence fest, potentially be apart of a TV spot on the BET Awards, and engage in other paid promotional print and film ads and events around the country. However, to get to that point, I will first to have get past this round which involves an in-person interview. From there, the top 12 candidates from across the country are chosen to be part of a public voting contest. I am in the process of assembling #TeamKelsey and will be reaching out to everyone and updating you all about voting when that time comes. Thanks in advance for your support! · #MBIB #BIASearch @MBIB

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#ScandalFinale TONIGHT. (In less than 30 minutes)

Yes, I will be live tweeting so don’t look at my tweets if you’re not going to watch it tonight.

Also, vote for Miss Xavier @donniefbaby to represent my alma mater in the September issue of Ebony Magazine during commercial breaks! Link is in my bio! You can vote easily, unlimited times!

Breaking down the walls that prevent you from experiencing and taking in love is a lifelong journey and certainly is not an easy one… However, in the process you slowly become more vulnerable, open-minded, joyful and giving and a more peaceful and authentic you. #Rumi #fenixrising #repost

#Repost “We live in a society where people will PAY to watch you fail.” - @tonygaskins

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For most of my life, I have never been part of the “in” crowd, the “cool kids”, or considered to be popular. For most of my life, I kept to myself and was picked on, teased, talked about. As I got older, I realized that those same people that used to be so popular and so desired are not doing any better than me and in many cases they are worse off than me because their life depends on access to superficial things like money, cars and clothes. You couldn’t pay them to hold an intellectually stimulating conversation. I decided that instead of proving those minions and idiots wrong and winning their approval, I sought the approval of my mentors, teachers and family. People who were there for me, have been there for me and continue to be there for me, cheering me on. I cannot thank my advisors, mentors, teachers and family enough for telling me I was amazing when so many of my peers wouldn’t dare say it to me. That’s why I continue to push myself to encourage all the ignored, teased, nerdy, awkward kids that their life will go on and those fools will go out of their way to understand how you managed to be so successful after all this time.

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This song stirs my soul and thanks to Spotify I found the acoustic version. Glad someone shared it with me to begin with.


Day 2 of the Take10 series

In today’s world, it’s easy to be consumed and overwhelmed by notifications and pop-up messages. I have wanted to learn more about the skill of meditation for quite some time, and I have recently downloaded the Headspace app. This app is related to the book with the same name. The Take 10 challenge gives you 10 days of guided mediation and other resources that are related to meditation. In today’s exercise, I was able to extract different elements of my environment and zone in on the physical elements of awareness as well. I enjoyed it and it was calming as well. Looking forward to day 3!

Precisely. What is Nicki Minaj’s team doing? One minute you’re disrespecting the image of a civil rights leader… the next minute you’re REACHING for street cred by glorifying my city. I can’t.

"what does it mean when an artist co-opts another city’s supposed “edge,” particularly an artist who has very little to do with that city whatsoever? The term “Chiraq” is already controversial: as Natalie Y. Moore wrote earlier this year, using the term as a badge of honor marginalizes citizens as casualties of war and ignores people struggling for solutions. And there’s something undeniably icky about reaching for street cred by association with an already inaccurate idea of “Chiraq,” even if it is a good song in every other regard. (It would’ve been much easier to stomach if this had been a Lil Herb song with a Nicki feature.)"

Read more: http://www.thefader.com/2014/04/08/stream-dreezy-chiraq-remix/#ixzz2yK0Y5W6A

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#SheReadsTruth ◆ catching up on the confession and meditation series…

Here’s an excerpt from a Puritan prayer:

I have no master but thee,

    no law but thy will,

    no delight by thyself,

    no wealth but that thou givest,

    no good but that thou blessest,

    no peace but that thou bestowest.

I am nothing but that thou makest me,

I have nothing but that I receive from thee,

I can do nothing but that grace adorns me.

Quarry me deep, dear Lord,

    and then fill me to overflowing with living water.

from The Valley of Vision: A collection of Puritan prayers and devotions, ©2001, The Banner of Truth Trust, p.75.