Sista @Myleik is speaking to my life as usual!

By @myleik “and I’m not talking about money. you can strip me of every single thing and I will survive. so I sit at the table as a loyal warrior. everybody’s not prepared to sit at the table they have to bring that much to and I understand … #mytaughtyou” via @PhotoRepost_app

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#fenixrisingtruth: This is such an on time message. You have no idea. Lately I have been bogged down by life, work, and trying to find a balance between the two. I squeezed in some yoga. Finally restocked my pantry and made some delicious breakfast and that still didn’t quite do the trick. I tried to get some regular sleep and all the while I struggled with finding the time to pray and reflect on God’s purpose for me in all of this. Then I read reminders about how these tests and seasons are only to make you stronger and more prepared for what God has in store for you. I hear you God. Loud and clear. Thanks @julianastratton!

#Repost from @julianastratton “Keep being the extraordinary you that you were designed to be! Think about the lives you’ve touched, the times you’ve held someone up in difficult times, the ways your personal story has encouraged others. Stay determined to live out your purpose…you are a gift! #Repost from @naturalpartnersincrime #morningmessage #motivation #sundaysermon #inspiration #encouragement #love #grace #joy #blessed #original #masterpiece #purpose #happysunday #friends #knowthis” via @PhotoRepost_app

Warrior pose. #CorePowerYoga

Exactly 1 Year ago today! (via

wow. that’s crazy how this quote continues to apply to some of my more memorable and life-changing experiences.

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#fenixrisingtruth: A year ago, noone could have told me that I would be in the position I’m in now. It’s not perfect, but my life has dramatically improved in so many ways. I can’t wait to see how the Lord works in the next 12 months. Thanking the Lord for the blessings, grace, mercy, and favor that I have received. Amen.

Very chill and mellow. Great for studying!

#fenixrisingsnacks: Introducing #woats, a new fave snack. Thanks Target! Writing lesson plans will never be the same.

And they say Chi city… #TakeFlight #MichiganAve #DowntownChicago